Your mouth can hide a secret…

Oral Cancer

The all too common dreaded ‘C’ word- it’s a scary reality for all of us. In our office, we feel that all our patients should be scanned regularly for any oral manifestations that could potentially lead to abnormal cell growth and malignancies. As of April 2014, we now have a cancer screening light known as the Veloscope. We provide complimentary scans to all of our patients with each check-up appointment. The Veloscopes ultraviolet blue light highlights the soft tissues in your mouth exposing any abnormal cell growths deep down in tissue layers that otherwise would not be seen with the naked eye.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

-Smoking and/or chewing tobacco

-Excessive alcohol consumption

-New studies have recently linked HPV (human papilloma Virus) to oral cancers

If found in early stages, oral cancers 5-year survival rate is as high as 83%. Early detection is imperative to survival! Ask your dental professional for the Veloscope Scan at your next visit.

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