When should my Childs First Visit to the Dentist Be?

When should my Childs First Visit to the Dentist Be?

A question we often hear from new parents is “when should my childs first visit be to the dentist.”  The Canadian dental society recommends within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth, or at one year of age.

Your child’s first visits to the dentist are very significant ones.  At about 1 year old, the visit is not about cleaning ect, but more about a short introduction to an office. Most importantly the visit is an opportunity for education for mom and dad.  By that time, many parents will also have questions specifically pertaining to their childs teeth, so that is a good time to have those answered.  Most dentists will do these happy visits at no charge.  After that, similar visits every 6 months are recommended so your child’s teeth can be checked to make sure that there are not any areas that look suspicious.   When your child is around three, often times an introduction to cleaning can begin.

Another thing that dentist will check, is your childs bite to insure that there is adequate spacing and your childs teeth are not in cross bite.  Malocclusions (misalignment of the teeth) can also be caused by thumb sucking and pacifiers, so early diagnosis of some of these things can be helpful.

The most important thing for your child during this process, is positive experiences!  The idea with early introduction, is to avoid the first visit being to the dentist due to pain that could have been prevented.  Kids can have a lot of fun at the dentist, and with excellent preventative techniques and materials today, we can keep our kids decay free!

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