One should never ignore any kind of pain. Wisdom teeth are something that bothers almost everyone when they start appearing. You can consult your dentist to keep in check the position and growth of your wisdom teeth.  Your dentist will also suggest whether keeping your wisdom teeth are good or bad for you.  Not all wisdom teeth require removal.

Many people wonder why these teeth are called wisdom teeth. It is so because an average human being starts to develop these lower and upper third molars between ages of 18 to 23.

A wisdom tooth may take a couple of months to completely erupt into your mouth, if they even do completely. This time span can prove to be very painful. Many dentists suggest the safe removal of these teeth to prevent further infections and pain. If not treated well at right time, these teeth may start affecting other teeth as well.

Following are a few warning signs that your wisdom teeth may start giving you problems.

When your teeth start emerging in a very inappropriate angle, it may cause them to rub against your cheek or tongue. This results in soreness and wounds in cheek and tongue muscles. These wounds may end us housing several bacterial that will result in making this more painful.

  • Most people may also face the problem of loss of appetite and jaw pain. A painful and stiff jaw makes us dread when it comes to eating meals, so it is advised to include soft meals in your diet, while a wisdom tooth starts emerging.
  • Another thing that dreads people is brushing. Just imagine the pain in gums near the emerging wisdom tooth when you start brushing in the morning. This is the reason why many avoid proper brushing of their teeth during this period. However, this will only make the things worse as improper brushing may result in tooth decay and infected gums.
  • This most painful is the often the infection that is present in the gums around the erupting teeth if left untreated.


The key with wisdom teeth, is early diagnosis by your dentist, as to the possible future complications that we can see.  We always say, “Don’t wait till they hurt!”

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